No pain, no gain.



发布时间: 2021-02-09 11:32:30


Good morning! Dear teachers and fellow students

The theme of my speech is: No pain, no gain.

We all have different kinds of dreams since we are just little kids. Someone wants to become a teacher and someone wants to be a doctor. But our dreams may change when we have experienced different things. Suppose a kid wants to become a doctor to save people's life, he will have to take more courses than those students who major in music. While he is memorizing the names of organs, others are playing around him, he might give up.

We all know playing is much easier and happier because playing is not dealing with dull academic terms. If the boy doesnt want to suffer in pain, he will not become a doctor and gain nothing. On the contrary, if he keeps on studying, he will probably achieve his goal/in the future

The mid-term examination is around the corner, which is not only a review of students' academic achievements, but also a challenge to everyone's comprehensive quality, self-confidence, willpower and honesty. Therefore, we should attach great importance to the mid-exam, Only by working hard can our abilities be changed into good results. Just as the saying goesNo pains, no gains.

Finally wish all of us good luck in the exam! thank you for listening!